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Easier Said Than Done

Soooooo, I’ll admit, I’ve been on a bit of a binge lately. I’m not blaming her, but my girlfriend did kinda spark it by showing off the twins on Skype. I took one or two snaps of what was going on, and when I got back later that night and wanted to see the pics again, I might as well have been looking at porn, it honestly got the same response. I tried to shrug off the urges and go to sleep, but insomnia kicked in and I came to a “fuck it” moment where I pretty much said “You know what, I actually enjoy this stuff, and I want to see it again.”

Looking back at it now, all addicts have that thought about any addiction… Continue reading


Day 6 – Soft Relapse

I use K9 Web Protection, and last night in order to download Gary’s series on Your Brain on Porn I had to disable YouTube’s “Safe Mode” (which also means having to disable K9’s “Force Safe Search” feature). DO NOT DO THIS. Continue reading

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Day 0 – Attempt #2

I haven’t been updating this blog because, unfortunately, just shy of 2 months into my progress I had a complete relapse, and was honestly too ashamed to say so. I can’t even remember what sparked it, but it immediately turned into a binge cycle that’s lasted until this week.  Continue reading