Day 5 – Attempt #3

I was going to wait until I had reached at least Day 7 before I posted again, but felt that I needed to discuss some changes. For one, the register of my voice seems to have dropped noticeably; I’ll be quite interested to see if it stays that way and if it’s related. I’ve also started to have dreams again wherein I’ve relapsed. Continue reading


Day 6 – Soft Relapse

I use K9 Web Protection, and last night in order to download Gary’s series on Your Brain on Porn I had to disable YouTube’s “Safe Mode” (which also means having to disable K9’s “Force Safe Search” feature). DO NOT DO THIS. Continue reading

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Day 4

Today is Day 4 of my recovery from PMO. So far so good, yesterday was the first time since I started that I had thoughts of viewing porn. Continue reading

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Day 0 – Attempt #2

I haven’t been updating this blog because, unfortunately, just shy of 2 months into my progress I had a complete relapse, and was honestly too ashamed to say so. I can’t even remember what sparked it, but it immediately turned into a binge cycle that’s lasted until this week.  Continue reading


Day 42

Day 42, passed the 1-month mark a while ago! Still a long way to go, but so far so good, and feeling better. Continue reading

Day 28

Today is Day 28 and, for reasons I hope are related to porn, I feel absolutely terrible. Not motivated to do anything, feel aimless, not enjoying anything that I do, nothing. I feel dead. Continue reading

Day 18

Wowzer, it’s day 18 already! It just slipped right by, I’ve been quite busy lately and out of the house for most of the day. Haven’t had any near slips or desires to go back to porn, so still going strong.  Continue reading

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Day 4

Officially started day 4 of my recovery about 4 hours ago. It’s been OK, haven’t had any moments of wanting to go back to porn for more than a few seconds at a time, I just immediately switch to doing something else, has happened maybe three times so far.

A bigger issue is the onset of quite a nasty bit of anxiety and restlessness. Continue reading

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My side-effects

Porn has affected me the same way it affects most, but here is the list as best as I can tell, and I may update this as I go along Continue reading

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Day 0

Today marks Day 0 of my last of many, many, many (many) attempts at ending my porn addiction. August 22nd, 2011, 18:00 (UTC+02:00), to be exact. My goal is to go at least 6 months without porn, masturbation or orgasm (excluding sex). This is my story.

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