Day 4

Today is Day 4 of my recovery from PMO. So far so good, yesterday was the first time since I started that I had thoughts of viewing porn. Not needs, just thoughts. It’s quite a strange reaction that happens, for me at least. Nothing primed the thought, I was just watching Rocky with my friends last night, and I guess the idea of what I would otherwise be doing came into my head. The moment you have thoughts of viewing porn, it instantly feels like some gigantic magnet is pulling you towards your room to watch some. It was very brief, though, I just batted it away and carried on with my friends.

At some other point yesterday I also had some random and vague thought of porn. No specifics at all, just what felt like being in the moment of watching porn for a split second, it’s really not easy to articulate these sort of things.

Even though I’m only three days clear, having recently come out of a post 2-month progress relapse, I know the secret for me at least is to just stay busy. Don’t overdo your other comfort habits, don’t sit in front of the computer all day, and don’t be by yourself. You won’t have time to sit down and watch some porn while taking Rosie Palmer and her five friends for a one-hand dance around the ballroom. Don’t stress yourself out, just have something better to do, something constructive, or at least spend time with friends and family.

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