My side-effects

Porn has affected me the same way it affects most, but here is the list as best as I can tell, and I may update this as I go along

  • Complete loss of morning wood
  • Trouble sustaining or getting an erection while masturbating without porn
  • Not 100% erect during sex, immediate loss of erection without penetration
  • Having a strong desire to act out pornographic scenarios and acts during sex
  • Completely absent libido
  • A distorted opinion on how to sexually satisfy women
  • Expecting my partner as well as myself to act like as a pornstar
  • Lack of motivation due to guilt, depression, feeling of helplessness
  • Exhaustion and fatigue, often lasting days after porn and masturbation binges
  • Constant need to play with myself (essentially masturbate while flaccid)
  • Social withdrawal and anxiety
  • Non-satisfying or even enjoyable orgasms
  • Massive decrease in emotional capacity, finding it difficult to really laugh, or get excited about something, or genuinely sad, etc
  • Decrease in confidence, definite drop in the volume of my voice, no drive
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Short temper as a result of fatigue
  • No energy, life, spontaneity, spark, whatever you want to call it
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